Dr Venkat Iyer at the India international Centre and the issue cover. The launch of the special edition of India@75Dr Venkat Iyer at the Indian International Centre in Delhi.

The Round Table’s special issue on ‘India@75’ was introduced to an audience in New Delhi on 12 October 2022 when the Editor, Dr Venkat Iyer, addressed the 5th Congress of the Asian Association of World Historians being held in that city. The event attracted a large number of participants, many of whom evinced a keen interest in contributing to the journal.

Special edition: India at 75:
Research Article – The education system in India: promises to keep
India at 75 – India’s foreign policy: shift, adjustment and continuity
The Indian economy at 75
The expanding role of majoritarianism in India
The state of the Indian military: historical role and contemporary challenges

In his address, Dr Iyer explained the history and scope of The Round Table, including in particular its relevance to historians.  He stressed that a broad interpretation has been given, over the years, to the term ‘international affairs’ appearing in the sub-title of the journal, which meant that articles on historical issues were as welcome as those on current affairs. He also mentioned that shorter opinion pieces were welcome, as were suggestions for special issues. Dr Iyer was particularly keen to encourage contributions from India; scholars from that country, he noted, were under-represented in the journal despite India being the largest Commonwealth nation.

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The launch also served to renew interest in the India chapter of the Round Table with the induction of new supporters. Printed copies of the journal, specially imported for the purpose, were made available for distribution to those attending. It is expected that there will be another launch function for the special issue soon in Bombay.

Venkat Iyer is the Editor of the Round Table Journal.

India at 75: Special issue launch in Bangalore