Falklands 40 years on podcast discussions

On 7 April The Round Table held an event to launch a special section of the February issue, entitled ‘Falkland Islands: 40 years on’ (Volume 11, Issue 1). The aim of the special section (co-edited by Kate Matheson and Peter Clegg) was not only to remember the events of the Falklands War but also to recognise what has changed since then – politically, diplomatically, economically, and socially.

Audio of the discussion and highlights from the launch event:

Full event – Falkland Islands 40 Years On Webinar Launch [1 hour]:


Audio excerpt – Peter Clegg on Possible Representation For The Falklands In The UK Parliament [2 minutes]:


Audio excerpt – Peter Jones On The Track Two Process And Small Countries [1 minute 47 seconds]:



Audio excerpt – Teslyn Barkman On Being Part Of The UK Family [1 minute 8 seconds]:



Audio excerpt – Teslyn Barkman On The Importance Of The Islanders’ Voice [1 minte 35 seconds]:

Audio excerpt – Kate Matheson on Pacific Islands Responses to COVID-19

Thanks to Matt Wood at the University of the West of England, Bristol for the technical work.