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Climate Change – Challenges, Issues and Commonwealth Responses

Special edition on climate change.

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Decolonisation and Black Lives

The series on race, decolonisation and the Commonwealth

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Issue 5, Volume 110, Year 2021November 2021

The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs is published six times a year.
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Special Issues

Contributions on these themes, to the Editor are particularly welcome.
Issue 1, Volume 110, Year 2021Covid-19 and Commonwealth countries

How Commonwealth countries dealt with Covid-19.

Issue 2, Volume 108, Year 2020Nigeria’s 2019 general elections – a shattered hope?

Exploring key lessons from the 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

Issue 2, Volume 108, Year 2020Constitutional reform in Sri Lanka

Constitutional reform in Sri Lanka

From the Archive

Issue 247, Volume 62, Year 1972‘The Inside and Outside of Chinese History’ by Wang Gungwu

The rise of China is now a given as we prepare for what international relations experts call a bi-polar world. But it was not always so. Chinese historians, back to Confucius, described a country with an interior view, and indeed the West for centuries only saw ‘a weak’ China. Here, historian Wang Gungwu tracks the key changes as Mao and his successors prepared the way for a newly ascendant, ‘universalist’ China.

Issue 24, Volume 6, Year 1916‘France’

Napoleon Bonaparte, who died 200 years ago, put his country back at the forefront of global affairs where it remains today. It has been said that France is governed as much through the legacies of its philosophers (from Descartes to Montaigne to Rousseau) as of its kings, emperors, and politicians. How French thought shaped the national culture is traced in this fascinating article written at the height of the First World War.

Issue 142, Volume 36, Year 1946‘Five Speeches on World Government’ by Dermot Morrah

At a time when nationalism is in the ascendant and international organisations are under attack from many sides, it is worth reflecting on how contemporaries viewed world problems 75 years ago, as they emerged from the horror of the Second World War. In this article, the Round Table’s editor draws together several recent speeches in favour of a decisive move towards a limited and democratically-elected world government.

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