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Issue 6, Volume 111, Year 2022March 2022

The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs is published six times a year.
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Special Issues

Contributions on these themes, to the Editor are particularly welcome.
Issue 1, Volume 110, Year 2021Covid-19 and Commonwealth countries

How Commonwealth countries dealt with Covid-19.

Issue 2, Volume 108, Year 2020Nigeria’s 2019 general elections – a shattered hope?

Exploring key lessons from the 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

Issue 2, Volume 108, Year 2020Constitutional reform in Sri Lanka

Constitutional reform in Sri Lanka

From the Archive

Issue 246, Volume 62, Year 1972'The Organisation of African Unity’ by Yashpal Tandon

Fifty years ago, preparations were being laid for the Organisation of African Unity, which was formally launched in Addis Ababa the following May, with 32 signatory governments. Although often criticised as a talking shop, the OAU was the first African intergovernmental organisation, aiming to eradicate colonialism and neo-colonialism and promote economic integration, and laid the foundations for its successor, the African Union. In this article Yashpal (Yash) Tandon assessed the challenges for the nascent institution.

Issue 282, Volume 97, Year 2008'Notes from a CHOGM Novice' by Amelia Hadfield

As we approach the Rwanda Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, we look back to the last time an African country hosted a CHOGM, Uganda in 2007. In this article, ‘CHOGM novice’ Amelia Hadfield took the measure of the meeting, and of what it represented both for Uganda and for the Commonwealth, emphasising how important the role of the host country can be.

Issue 5, Volume 106, Year 2017Choosing a Secretary-General – How do the Commonwealth and the United Nations Compare? By Mark Robinson

One of the key tasks of a Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is to choose a new Secretary-General, or to confirm the incumbent in the role. It is often said that the process for choosing a Commonwealth Secretary-General is less transparent than that for choosing a Pope. In this article from 2017 Mark Robinson compares the practices of the Commonwealth and the United Nations.

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