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Issue 6, Volume 111, Year 2022March 2022

The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs is published six times a year.
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Contributions on these themes, to the Editor are particularly welcome.
Issue 1, Volume 110, Year 2021Covid-19 and Commonwealth countries

How Commonwealth countries dealt with Covid-19.

Issue 2, Volume 108, Year 2020Nigeria’s 2019 general elections – a shattered hope?

Exploring key lessons from the 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

Issue 2, Volume 108, Year 2020Constitutional reform in Sri Lanka

Constitutional reform in Sri Lanka

From the Archive

Issue 384, Volume 87, Year 1998‘Britain, the G8 and the Commonwealth: Lessons of the Birmingham Summit’ by Nicholas Bayne

The Commonwealth Games – the ‘friendly games’ – take place this year in the Midlands city of Birmingham, once known as a ‘workshop of the world’ with iconic brands known all over the Commonwealth such as HP sauce, Birds Custard, Typhoo Tea, Bourneville hot chocolate and Cadbury chocolate all produced there. This article harks back to a previous major gathering of the G8 in Birmingham, linked to the previous year's CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) in Edinburgh. Both looked at the dangers posed by the ‘new’ globalisation, and shared concerns over India's nuclear testing programme – still concerns today.

Issue 291, Volume 73, Year 1984‘Three birds of different feathers: The Commonwealth, the Commonwealth Secretary-General and the Commonwealth Secretariat’ by Stephen Chan

Patricia Scotland was re-elected Commonwealth Secretary-General for another two years at the Kigali Commonwealth summit in June 2022. This early piece from now veteran Commonwealth-watcher Stephen Chan analysed her first three predecessors, using an avian analogy for each. What bird he would choose for the Secretaries-General who succeeded is an open question.

Issue 381, Volume 94, Year 2005Transforming conflict with an economic dividend: The Sri Lankan experience by Saman Kelegama

There have been tears and conflict in the south Asian state of Sir Lanka this year, as the country struggles to find a way out of the current economic and political crises. Going further back, Saman Kelegama here discusses earlier conflict between the Tamil LTTE movement and the Government in the early 21st century, the failure to deliver the expected peace dividend and institutional weaknesses. Were these lessons learned?

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