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A special journal edition focusing on responses to the Covid pandemic

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Decolonisation and Black Lives

The launch of a series on race. decolonisation and the Commonwealth

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Issue 2, Volume 110, Year 2021April 2021

The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs is published six times a year.
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Contributions on these themes, to the Editor are particularly welcome.
Issue 1, Volume 110, Year 2021Covid-19 and Commonwealth countries

How Commonwealth countries dealt with Covid-19.

Issue 2, Volume 108, Year 2020Nigeria’s 2019 general elections – a shattered hope?

Exploring key lessons from the 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

Issue 2, Volume 108, Year 2020Constitutional reform in Sri Lanka

Constitutional reform in Sri Lanka

From the Archive

Issue 406, Volume 99, Year 2010The Trinidad CHOGM - 'CHOGM Diary' by Derek Ingram

The next CHOGM was expected in Rwanda, amid some degree of controversy. In this diary we can look back to a time when a CHOGM had true global impact and for all the right reasons – at 2010 in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, when even French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy attended. Derek Ingram, a veteran Commonwealth journalist, sets the scene – and notes Rwanda, a former Belgian colony, joining.

Issue 43, Volume 11, Year 1921‘Ireland’ by Lionel Curtis

Few journal articles can have had as much impact as this one by Lionel Curtis, published at the height of the war for Irish independence. Despite its patronising and even racist language, the key message of the article – that Ireland should be divided, with the south given the same degree of self-government as Canada – profoundly influenced Lloyd George, who appointed Curtis his adviser on Ireland in the subsequent negotiations.

Issue 252, Volume 63, Year 1973‘Labour, Europe and the World’ by Peter Shore

After Brexit, just how is Britain faring? To many, Boris Johnson’s dream of a new ‘Global Britain’ and refreshed Commonwealth relations seem somewhat unrealised. Here, in the immediate aftermath of the UK joining the European Communities, Peter Shore, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, warns against simple ‘shortcuts to prosperity’, and argues that Britain should instead seek stronger Commonwealth ties.

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