Jamie Trinidad

Jamie Trinidad


Jamie is a Fellow and Director of Studies in Law at Wolfson College, Cambridge, and a Fellow of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law at the University of Cambridge. He is also a barrister at Isolas LLP (Gibraltar’s oldest law firm) and a door tenant at 7 Bedford Row chambers. His research and practice cover many areas of international law, including territorial disputes (land and sea), self-determination and the relationship between the British Overseas Territories and the United Kingdom.

He has a special interest in the challenges faced by small states and territories in areas such as governance, sovereignty over natural resources and climate change.

His recent publications include The International Court of Justice and Decolonisation: New Directions from the Chagos Advisory Opinion (CUP 2021), The Future of International Courts: Regional, Institutional and Procedural Challenges (Routledge 2019) and Self-Determination in Disputed Colonial Territories (CUP 2018), as well as several articles in journals such as the British Yearbook of International Law and the International and Comparative Law Quarterly.

Before joining the editorial board in 2022, he was the recipient of the 2021 Peter Lyon Prize for his article,‘Self-determination and contested peoplehood in Gibraltar: separating the law from the rhetoric’, published in The Round Table, volume 110, issue 3 (June 2021).

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