Port StanleyPort Stanley. [photo: Alamy]

[Editor’s note: A report on this event is now available.]

This event launches The Round Table journal’s special section on the Falkland Islands, 40 years after the conflict with Argentina. It evaluates the road travelled by the Falklands over the last four decades and the nature of the islands today. Understandably for many people their view of the Falklands goes back to the conflict, but much has changed. The Falklands’ political and constitutional position has evolved in important ways with more self-government, underpinned by the key principle of self-determination. Economically, the Islands are much altered supported by a range of industries, most particularly fisheries. As a consequence, the Falklands is now economically self-sufficient, except for defence. Socially and culturally there have also been notable transformations. The focus of the special section is to critically assess those changes, which have made the Falkland Islands a much different place today than it was four decades ago. The launch includes several authors featured in the special section, alongside Teslyn Barkman, Member of the Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly.

Date: Thursday 7th April

Time: 16.00 – 17.00

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Welcome to the Round Table Journal – Dr Venkat Iyer

Welcome to the Special Section – Professor Peter Clegg


Dr Peter Jones

Dr Kate Matheson

Professor Peter Clegg


Teslyn Barkman, Member of the Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly