CHOGM, Gambian President, Brexit headlines

We’ve been looking through the articles and commentary appearing on the Round Table website which most interested our readers during 2018.

Some originally appeared in The Round Table: Journal of Commonwealth Affairs and some had been written for the Round Table website.  

The focus at the start of 2018 for our readers had been on our reporting on a Round Table-organised  pre-CHOGM conference held in October 2017. Articles had included a conference report by Round Table’s Alex May, video interviews, CHOGM expectations from organisers, speeches and other reports from the conference which had looked ahead to the April 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference.

Pre-CHOGM focus was not the only issue attracting the attention of our website readers. A number of 2017 articles which continued to draw attention in early 2018, included a Journal article on Diaspora, Development and the Indian State, a website article on Commonwealth Day, and a 2017 article on The Gambia’s return to the Commonwealth.

CHOGM session

During the Summit, regular reports from the Round Table Chair, Victoria Schofield, had a following both online and on social media. You can access her London Notes: Diary From the Round Table Chair online. Following the Commonwealth leaders’ Summit in April, an article by former Commonwealth Secretariat insider Amitav Banerji on CHOGM 2018 and the impressions of an former insider was one of the most-read articles of the top half of 2018.

Analysis by Round Table veteran Richard Bourne on the CHOGM 2018 outcomes also grabbed the attention of our readers.

During the CHOGM period, however, Brexit never remained far from the top of the most-read list. A journal article by Round Table’s Rita Payne on Brexit and the British Media remained an often-returned to article for several months after publication.

In part two of this article, we’ll look at other analysis and commentary engaging our readers’ attention in 2018.

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