studentship award notice and Rob CallumThe Round Table Studentship announcement. [Inset to the right: Rob Cullum.]

The winner of the 2020-21 studentship award for a PhD student registered at a university in the UK, Rob Cullum, has produced a podcast around his subject.

Rob, a PhD researcher at Aberystwyth University’s International Politics Department, has been using his studentship for his research for The Round Table comparing Britain and Australia’s military and humanitarian activities among small island states in the Caribbean and the South Pacific.

His podcast examines the relationship between Australia and the South Pacific in an era of increasing strategic rivalry between the US and China. Australia is a key US ally, and there is a complicated geopolitical situation emerging as China increasingly tries to exert its influence in the South Pacific. In this episode for the Round Table, Rob talks to Adjunct Professor James Goldrick of the University of New South Wales, who gives his analysis on what this rivalry might mean for Australian-South Pacific relations.

Here’s the link to the podcast or you can open it via the Spotify app.

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