Commonwealth leaders around a table

Before the dust could settle at the end of the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), the reviews and comments started to appear in the world’s media and on social media.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the post-CHOGM coverage:

The New Statesman – Why we should still care about the Commonwealth

India to double its contribution to the Commonwealth fund for technical cooperation. Tailor-made developmental assistance to be provided to small island states – NDTV

Australia Broadcasting (ABC) – Republicans ‘disappointed’ Malcolm Turnbull didn’t oppose Prince Charles becoming Commonwealth head

CBS TV – Prince Charles has spent a lifetime waiting to be king, but on Friday, he got another position to wait for: the next head of the 53-nation Commonwealth

Canada Globe and Mail – Commonwealth conference ends with little action but lots of pledges

The Association of Commonwealth Universities calls on Commonwealth governments to give higher education the recognition it deserves

John Elliott (Asia Sentinel writer in South Asia)  blog – The Commonwealth “turning the corner but not quite round it yet”

Daniel Flitton (The Interpreter/ Lowy Institute) – CHOGM: The zombie summit that will not die

Excerpt from a book by Philip Murphy – Does the Commonwealth still mean anything significant to Great Britain (or to its member countries?)

Lord Desai Out of my mind: An obsolete structure The Empire having been reduced to a skeleton, the question has to be asked what is the best structure for the Commonwealth

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