montage of pictures from The Round Table's October 2017 conference

Politicians, academics, diplomats, Commonwealth officials and representatives of non-governmental organisations came together in October 2017 to explore future challenges facing the Commonwealth.

2018 is the year when the UK hosts the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and then takes over the chair from Malta for the next two years.

The Round Table: the Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, together with the Royal Over-Seas League, the Commonwealth Association, and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (International) held a conference to focus on the aims and likely outcomes of the Commonwealth leaders’ April summit. Delegates heard up-to-date details of the UK government’s plans and of other Commonwealth events taking place around the April summit. They also had an opportunity to put forward their own ideas of what should be the Commonwealth’s policy priorities and plans for the future.

The Round Table provided a subsequent report of the proceedings as well as a series of video interviews conducted on the fringes of the conference with some of the speakers.

We’ve gathered together the written and videoed activities during the conference which we hope provide an introduction to the issues facing the Commonwealth in the countdown to the Leaders’ Summit in 2018.

Written report by Alex May – Who said what at the conference

Outcomes conclusion by Stuart Mole – Outcomes and reflections

Video Interviews:

Plans for the Leaders’ Summit – interview with Tim Hitchens.

The Gambia’s return to the Commonwealth – interview with Hassan Jallow.

Britain’s future relations with the Commonwealth – interview with Lord Howell.

Bringing civil societies under one roof at CHOGM 2018 – interview with the Commonwealth Foundation’s Vijay Krishnarayan.

The modern Commonwealth, its challenges and aspirations – interview with Peter Marshall.

Round Table on YouTube – you can view all our interviews on our new YouTube channel.

Coming up:

The Commonwealth 2018: Upcoming events by Richard Bourne – Events taking place around the UK in 2018.