CHOGM Closing Executive SessionThe 2015 CHOGM ended on 29 November in Malta. The next session will be held in the UK and, before year-end, the media had started to reflect on the CHOGM 2015 legacy.

A round-up of articles written about the Commonwealth following the November 2015 Heads of Government Summit

The Round Table’s behind-the-scenes CHOGM analysis from Chairman Stuart Mole:


The Commonwealth and trade with China – the Xinhua news agency talks to Deputy Secretary-General Deodat Maharaj: 


The Times of Malta reports on Dr Lawrence Gonzi’s lecture to the Round Table in Malta:


The Commonwealth Secretariat provides its review of the Commonwealth in 2015

  • Click here for the Commonwealth Secretariat website


Running in Australia – The battle over the 2018 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony


Commonwealth Secretary-General’s New Year Greetings:


Coverage of Commonwealth Secretary-General designate Baroness Patricia Scotland following her election:

  • Baroness Scotland speaks after her election in Malta on LGBT rights  – The Independent
  • A failure of foreign policy coordination – Guyana’s Stabroek News looks at the Caricom [Caribbean Community] vote in Malta
  • Baroness Scotland’s visit to Dominica – Dominica Government website
  • Dominica’s opposition complains to the Queen and the Commonwealth about one of Baroness Scotland’s comments – CBC Barbados


In the UK, both Houses of Parliament looked at a post-Malta Commonwealth:

  • The UK’s House of Lords held a 17 December debate on the CHOGM outcomes. Round Table rounded up the highlights; video also available
  • Question on 22 December in the UK House of Commons on what the Government will do to promote connections with the Commonwealth – from the ‘They work for you’ website


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