Joseph Muscat at Westminster AbbeyMalta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat delivered a strong message at the 2017 Commonwealth Day Service [Source: Westminster Abbey].

The emphasis was on peace-building – this year’s theme – at the 2017 Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey on 13 March.

The current Commonwealth Chair-in-Office, Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat spoke of “fault lines” and “uncertainty” in today’s “dangerous world”.

“Peace and reconciliation can be achieved”, he told the Westminster Abbey Service.

Dr Muscat said that the Commonwealth had a role to play in building peace, based “the complex uniqueness” of a diverse organisation and its strength in unity in dealing with “intolerant populism” and “racism” in today’s world.

Round Table Chair Stuart Mole and the Ramphal Institute’s Patsy Robertson were guests on the BBC World Service’s coverage of the Service. Topics included the role of the Commonwealth and Brexit.

BBC’s Mike Wooldridge spoke to Stuart Mole about the Westminster Abbey Service.

You can listen to the BBC coverage of the Westminster Abbey Service here.

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